• Josh Robenstone Photography Project

    Location: Xucun, China

    Date: 18/07/13 - 01/09/13

    Josh Robenstone is a Melbourne based photographic artist and photojournalist, working with various national and international newspapers and magazines, including the Australian Financial Review, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He pays particular attention to people’s relationship to each other, particularly in light of tension or negotiation, and their relationship to their environment.

    Josh taught children photography at 2013 Arts Can Do summer program in Xucun, working independently to lead children of migrant workers throughout the region to understand and grasp photography, through to a collaborative photo narrative of their village.

    As an artist, from a photographic point of view, The arts can do residency offered amazing opportunities for inspiration. Situated deep in a valley between two rugged mountain ranges, Xucun's landscape is powerful and awe inspiring. Large cliff lines run vertical from the sky to the green corn fields below. Up in the mountains, rare varieties of plant life, flowers and herbs grow in abundance. Colorful and fragrant, these species are used by the local villagers in both cooking and traditional medicine. Within the village, people go about the day to day activities as they have for years, they are always open and inviting to guests coming into their homes. This gives us insight into another way of life but we also become witness to the struggle that lies beneath the surface. The pressures of a changing culture and developing country contrast Xucun's thousand year old village landscape and architecture. From the people to the mountains, Xucun is a place full of natural beauty in every direction and a great source of artistic inspiration no matter which way you look.

    Josh Robenstone