• Franziska Wildt & Volker Kehl Project

    Location: Jiuqian, China

    Date: 05/09/13 - 10/10/14

    The workshop was meant as an introduction to performance art and lensbased performative practices. The participants developed basic skills for improvisation and video as well as softskills like emotional expression and social interaction. The starting point was the Chinese legend of Mulan, well known in the West as well as in the East. Together we created imagine scenarios of what Mulan would do today.

    Franziska Wildt is a photographer/video/installation artist who’s work can be seen across Europe. She cooperated with fellow German artist, musician, and theatre educator Volker Kehl who recently toured Asia with his group Art of Fusion. Together they introduced the children to the techniques of video, collage, montage and assembly as well as making music. The plan was to develop three dimensional installations in which the children could bring together their art, video work and music in a whole new world of their own creation.

    The resulting involvement in intense creative experiences which lie totally outside the children's normal experience brought excitement and inspiration to these children who have seen little except hardship. Giving children the confidence to grasp further educational opportunities that may arise is one of the outcomes Arts Can Do aims for. We have great confidence in the role artistic expression and the experiences we created will have transformative roles in their lives.