• Workshops

    Australia China Art Foundation programs enable the development of international exhibitions, residencies, seminars, scholarships, internships, art exchanges and special events. We support artists and help build networks among arts professionals, cultural institutions and individuals. The overriding aim is to create a support network for the visual arts and encourage reciprocity within the region.

    Current workshops

    Kriss Wong and the Art Yurt Project

    Location: Yunnan, China

    Date: 20/09/15 - 20/12/15

    Kriss Wong is our first Yunnan residency artist volunteering at new Yunnan Arts

    The Ming Vase Project with Charlie Stein

    Location: Shanghai, China

    Date: 01/09/15 - 01/12/15

    In September artist Charlie Stein takes up an Arts Can Do Residency to work with

    Upcoming workshops

    Past workshops

    Josh Robenstone Photography Project

    Date: 18/07/13 - 01/09/13

    Sophie Cape & Luke Sciberras Project

    Date: 18/07/13 - 17/09/13

    Sophie Neate Sculpture Project

    Date: 03/12/13 - 08/01/14

    Rone Waugh Light Painting Project

    Date: 31/10/14 - 07/12/14

    Selby Ginn Art Installation Project

    Date: 11/03/15 - 09/05/15

    Franziska Wildt & Volker Kehl Project

    Date: 05/09/13 - 10/10/14

    John McRae Photography Project

    Date: 05/09/13 - 09/10/14