Kriss Wong is a self-taught visual artist whose artistic expressions are related to contemporary social, cultural and environmental issues through videography, photography, drawings and a variety of mediums.

    In 2007, she participated in the 2 Day Film Producer Master Class organized by Bangkok International Film Festival. In 2010, she teamed up with No Space Gallery and Bangkok Art House to organize a touring film event called "Film Freaks" in Bangkok. Her involvement in children art education from 2010 to 2012 was an important contribution to her artistic practice. Teaching art gave her the opportunity to explore different techniques and teaching methods.


    German conceptual artist Charlie Stein graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart where she studied at the class of Christian Jankowski. Prior to this she received an education in classical painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich at Professor Gerhard Merz. She also holds a master‘s degree in political and social sciences and English literature and linguistics from the University of Stuttgart.

    In her work she focuses on the perception of cultural identities and their implications in a globalised, interconnected world which she then translates into installations and projects that contain both a tangible quality and a distinct visual notion. She works with different media, ranging from sculpting and painting to media installations, video and performance.


    Selby Ginn specialises in process-based and installation artworks, which combine found objects, sculpture, performance, painting and drawing. Ginn’s practice is an interpretive visual language. It is a dialogue that describes the cycles of human experience and references time, the human form, mythology, ritual and symbols. Her installations often include suspended forms, which are intended to coalesce with the space, describing part of a cycle rather than an end point.

    Drawing upon the idea of the cyclical experience of time and mortality, Ginn’s recent sculptures use the outer skin of leather hides, a material that undergoes this natural process. She re-appropriates the leather by cutting it, punching holes into it, and then weaving it onto sculptural forms, literally making one skin from many.


    Rone Waugh has worked in many genres including abstract expressionism, abstract figurative painting, pop art, sculpture, and installation. For the past several years China has been the focus of his work. The exhibition held in Beijing in October, 2013 was created at a 3 month residency at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing in 2012 and completed at a residency at the Artists Village Gallery in SongZhuang in September, 2013.

    The works give Rone Waugh’s perspective on modern-day China and are produced by a process that he conceptualised while resident in Beijing and he now calls ‘Painting with Light’. Multiple layers of film are used incorporating LED strip lighting. “I believe that an artist is only as good as the work he/she is doing. A long list of exhibition dates is meaningless.”, he says.


    Born in 1984, Franziska Anna Sybilla Wildt is a German artist. After finishing her psychology degree in 2010, Franziska Wildt enrolled into Art and Philosophy studies in Berlin (University of the Arts), Shanghai (Shanghai Normal University), Tel Aviv (Shenkar) and is currently studying in Frankfurt (Städelschule and Goethe University), finishing her second MA. She has been involved in many international projects, such as ACAF Residency in Beijing and Shanghai in 2014, “Transformation” in Galerie Matthias Küper in Beijing and “The Aesthetic of Resistance” Galeries im Turm in Berlin.


    Born in Horsham, Victoria in 1960. In his exploration of the dualistic concept of mascunity/feminiinity, McRae's portraits sometimes poke fun at our fashion-obsessed universe. He treats his subjects with dignity, yet there is always an underlying sense of sly emotion and deep intimacy. His ongoing series of larger-than-life images of Matt Mitcham, the gold-medal Olympic diver, trace the development from an uncertain youngster to a media-savvy man of confidence, an icon of inner strength. McRae's sharply-focused vision also include portraits of singers, film-makers, top models, drag queens, sailors and his recent portraits of the late Margaret Olley.

    John McRae is a Sydney-based photographer with a strong international reputation. His commercial work has seen him shoot for global brands such as Elle, Byford International and Jean-Luc Amsler. His work is regularly chosen for inclusion in some of Australia’s most prestigious awards, including the National Portrait Prize where he was voted the People Choice Winner in 2012 for his captivating portrait of the late Margaret Olley.

    This was a most amazing experience for me de ning the true sense of give and take. I enjoyed working with the children and being in an instructional role. The contact was humbling and I felt a deep sense of ful llment at being able to give of what I know in such a way while getting inspiration from these kids by their honest sense of love and emotional engagement. These children are getting access to valuable time with art and the creative process, where the process is the important focus and evaluation is virtually non existent, reinforcing positivity and engaging feedback.

    John McRae


    Sophie Neate is an artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her practice includes working with ceramics, photography and installation. Participating artist residency in China has been a long time ambition of Sophie because of her love for China’s rich history in ceramic arts and her curiosity in Chinese contemporary art. Having the opportunity to work with the Chinese community by teaching at the Jiuqian Volunteer Centre was a great way to learn about Chinese culture and way of life. The students in her class became her teachers in this sense.

    Sophie has also extensively exhibited her own work around Melbourne for the past 3 years.


    Josh Robenstone is a Melbourne based photographic artist and photo journalist, working with various national and international newspapers and magazines, including the Australian Financial Review, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. His credits include awards at the Nikon Summer Salon, The Linden Postcard Show, a finalist and semi-finalist at the Moran Photographic Prize as well as a finalist in the Head-On Portrait Prize. He pays particular attention to people’s relationship to each other, particularly in light of tension or negotiation, and their relationship to their environment.

    Josh was also one of the first artist fellows to partici- pate in the 2013 Arts Can Do summer school in Xu- cun, working independently to lead children of migrant workers throughout the region to understand and grasp photography, through to a collaborative photo narrative of their village. The two photo works included here are part of a larger documentary project completed while in Shanxi this summer, to be published later in the year in Australia. He currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.


    Luke Sciberras was born in 1975 in Sydney, and graduated in 1997 from the Australia National Art School with a bachelor in Fine Art (Painting). Leading Australian critic John McDonald stated “Luke is one of the significant emerging landscape artists of his generation”, following a twin exhibition with John Olsen in Sydney, who is widely considered Australia’s top landscape artist. Luke says of his own work and process, “A sense of place, a feeling that can only really be understood and then expressed by spending extended periods of time walking, sitting, painting, resting and keenly studying every nuance of every scene I encounter. To internalise, to empathetically draw... I realise now that I’m often painting a portrait of someone’s home, their place or telling a story of and through a place woven with my own, often new experience.” Dark Interior was created during his residency in Xucun, Shanxi in summer 2013.

    Luke was also one of the first artist fellows to participate in the 2013 Arts Can Do summer school in Xucun, working with Sophie Cape to teach sketching, drawing, painting, portraiture and brush work to children of migrants throughout the region. He has had close to thirty solo exhibitions in Australia since 1999, and is held in numerous private, public and corporate collections worldwide. Luke is represented by the Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney. He currently lives and works in Hill End, NSW Australia.


    A former Olympic athlete turned artist through injury, Sophie Cape attended London’s Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in 2001, and went on to graduate from the Australia National Art School with a bachelor in Fine Art (Painting).

    Sophie was one of ACAF’s first arts fellows to participate in the 2013 Arts Can Do summer school in Xucun, living in rural Shanxi and teaching up to 100 children of migrant families’ art classes from throughout the region. Her piece, The Tree That Bends Will Never Break, is inspired by the Chinese proverb of the same meaning, and was created during her residency in China this summer. Australian critic Bill Wright wrote of her work this year, “There is something conspicuously brilliant in Cape’s exertive expression of material form, how in her practice, matter ‘expresses’ itself, forming through processes of primal action, instinctive and intuitive.”

    Our main goal as artists and teachers was to inspire imagination, creativity and individuality... I hope that if these kids never draw again, it will in uence the way they see themselves in this world, what is possible... The day I left all the kids were asking when the next classes would start again.

    2013 Fellow, Sophie Cape