• A message from Yashian Schauble, the Founder and Executive Director of ACAF

    I was born and educated in Shanghai, and like many young people at the time, took the opportunity to study abroad. The Chinese miracle has enabled me to peruse my love of art.

    China's economic progress has lifted more people out of poverty than any other event in history, giving tens of millions a life that the last generation could not have imagined.

    Inevitably, there are some who miss out on these opportunities. One such group is the children of migrant workers. Travelling to remote villages in China, I have witnessed a whole generation of children who seldom see their parents.

    They are raised by elderly relatives, and as a result often suffer from isolation and emotional deprivation which affects their mental development, social skills and education. These children are the forgotten casualties of the industrialisation of China.

    Bringing artists to work with these children has proven to help unlock their minds. As an art collector, I appreciate the profound insights that art can give and am delighted to have been able to establish ACAF, initiating charitable projects which actively bring the bene ts of art therapy to disadvantaged children.

    I have been overwhelmed by support from artists in China, Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere. They have touched my heart and soul by giving up their time to work with children and donating works to be sold to benefit the Arts Can Do program making this a great endeavour.

    Thank you to all of them. I hope you will find it in your heart to join with the artists in supporting the children and purchase a work of art tonight in aid of Arts Can Do.