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    Arts Can Do is an art based education project which aims to help disadvantaged children reach their full potential by developing life skills and confidence through involvement in art.

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    Latest Workshops

    Josh Robenstone Photography Project

    Josh Robenstone is a Melbourne based photographic artist and photojournalist, working with various n

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    Sophie Cape & Luke Sciberras Project

    Arts Can Do established a children art learning centre at the Xucun Elementary School in S

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    Sophie Neate Sculpture Project

    Australian artist Sophie Neate from Melbourne worked on one month Winter program at Jiu Qian Arts Ca

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    Rone Waugh Light Painting Project

    Rone Waugh has worked in many genres including abstract expressionism, abstract figurative painting,

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    Selby Ginn Art Installation Project

    Selby Ginn specialises in process-based and installation artworks, which combine found objects, scul

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    Kriss Wong and the Art Yurt Project

    Kriss Wong is our first Yunnan residency artist volunteering at new Yunnan Arts Can Do centre. Kriss

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    The Ming Vase Project with Charlie Stein

    In September artist Charlie Stein takes up an Arts Can Do Residency to work with our children an bo

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    Franziska Wildt & Volker Kehl Project

    The workshop was meant as an introduction to performance art and lensbased performative practices. T

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